Foods : Around Ofuna


Foods around Ofuna Sta. | Yaki-ago Shio-ramen Takahashi (Grilled Flying Fish Salty Japanese noodle Takahashi)

November 2019: きあご塩らー麺 たかはし 大船店 Only Cash Ticket Vending MachineThe Japanese noodle is a savory dish made with grilled f...

Foods around Ofuna Sta. | Kokonotsu-Ido Main restaurant, Private rooms with open hearths and delicious buckwheat.

September 2019: 九つ井 本店 Credit Cards AcceptedWe can have open hearth foods and prized buckwheat in a private room of a Ja...

Foods around Ofuna sta.|Ofuna JAM, Draft ‎Heartland is delicious

July 2019: 大船JAM No Credit CardsThe restaurant with music. There are counter seats and tables with sofas, so we can enjo...

Foods around Ofuna sta.|Gyoza – Shuka

June 2019: 餃子酒家 Credit Cards Accepted Near the station. The gyozas are delicious and reasonable. For 2 (tax included 7,1...

Foods around Ofuna sta.| CASDOR, Delicious German Sausages

June 2019: カサドール Credit Cards AcceptedThe restaurant tended to have another beer. The variety of German sausages. The sa...