The movie set in Kamakura|Psychic School Wars (Nerawareta Gakuen)

2012 Shochiku, Official Website
Note: There are no spoilers on this page.

This is a school youth space fantasy that was about junior high school students in puberty and describes the difficulty of communication and anxiety from miscommunication.

Kamakura in this movie
As it was set in a junior high school in Kamakura, temples, shrines, and streetscapes around Kamakura are seen everywhere.

Gokurakuji sta.

The landscapes around Kamakura in this movie
Hasedera Temple
Gokurakuji sta. and Sakura bridge (red bridge)
The stairs of the Gokurakuji-pass
Goryo Shrine
Sasuke Inari Shrine
Shichirigahama Beach
The hamburger shop in the Shitirigahama car park
Shichirigahama No.2 railroad crossing
The view station in Inamuragasaki Park
Enoshima Benten Bridge
Enoshima Sea Candle
Kosokuji temple?

Some filming locations around Kamakura have changed a little.
As the detail of the story was made difficult to understand on purpose, you can figure it out by reading the director’s interviews.
note: Please be aware of spoilers and these are Japanese pages.

First interview
Second interview
Third interview
Fourth interview