Kamakura in March | The weeping cherry tree in Hongakuji Temple and the hall crabapple in Myohonji Temple

March 2020:

I thought that it was a little early to see cherry blossoms in the middle of March, but it was a mild winter, so we went around beautiful spots where cherry blossoms are in Kamakura.

At first, we went to Hongakuji Temple. The weeping cherry tree was in season. A Japanese white-eye was singing on its branch, so I felt the coming of spring.

(With sound)

We went from Hongakuji Temple to Komyoji Temple on foot. The cherry blossoms in front of the Sanmon (main gate)  had begun to bloom.

The cherry blossoms in the precinct and yard were also going to bloom soon. The branches of the cherry trees in Komyoji Temple hung low and were worth seeing, so I wanted to come again in April.

We went to Myohonji Temple on foot. The cherry blossoms beside the Sanmon (main gate)  were blooming a little.

The hall crabapple blossoms in front of the soshi-do (Founder’s Hall) were a bright pink color and they were going to be in season in a few days.

After that, we stopped by Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine, but the cherry blossoms on the Dankazura (approach) were going to bloom a little later. We entered Genjiyama Park from Keshozaka and strolled around.

Statue of Minamoto no Yoritomo

The early blooming cherry blossoms on the top of the hill had finished their season, and the Yoshino cherry trees were going to bloom now.

Spring star flowers

The cherry blossoms in Kuzuharaoka Shrine had not bloomed yet. We went through to Kita-Kamakura Sta. and had lunch at Nufu Ichi.

At last, we went to Tokeiji Temple. The weeping cherry blossoms had begun to bloom and the edgeworthia chrysanths were in season.

Weeping cherry blossoms
Edgeworthia chrysantha

08:00 Hongakuji Temple
08:20 Komyoji Temple
09:15 Myohonji Temple
10:00 Keshozaka, Genjiyama Park
11:30 Lunch
12:30 Tokoeiji Temple(Admission fee 200 yen/adult)