Kamakura in October / Japanese anemones in Jochiji Temple, gentians and aster tataricuses in Kaizoji Temple

October 2019:

It was a hot day a few days after the typhoon. We planned to go hiking when autumn came, but the typhoon damage this year occurred in Kamakura too, so all hiking trails were closed because there were fallen trees and such.

We walked around and were worried that the plants in temples and shrines would be damaged. Fragrant olives were in season, so there was a fragrance here and there.

09:20 北鎌倉駅
09:30 浄智寺(拝観料200円/大人)
10:15 建長寺(拝観料500円/大人)
11:30 海蔵寺
12:30 昼食

The two types of Japanese anemones were blooming in Jochiji Temple where we went first.

Sanmon (Main Gate)

The Japanese anemones in the courtyard of the main hall were in the shade. Their purplish-red color looks better without shade.

Japanese anemones in the courtyard
Japanese anemones in the courtyard

The white Japanese anemones in front of the Shoin (study room) bloomed quietly.

Japanese anemones in front of the Shoin

Next, we went to Kenchoji Temple.

About two years ago, there were many  Persicaria capitatas on both sides of the Hansobo  (protecting shrine of Kenchoji Temple) entrance path, like a pink carpet, but those had not bloomed since then because a gardener weeded too much.

Entrance Path of Hansobo
Karasu Tengu (Japanese divine beings)

We were able to see Mt. Fuji very well. It hid in the clouds after a while.

Mt. Fuji overlook

After that, we went through Kamegayatsuzaka Kiridoshi Pass and went ahead to Kaizoji Temple.

The gentians started to bloom in Kaizoji Temple, so many avid photographers were there. The aster tataricuses and the Japanese anemones were in season.

Aster tataricuses
Japanese anemones

We had lunch at Blue Room on Komachi-dori Street. This restaurant was not Kamakura-ish because it was on the second floor in the miscellaneous building, but craft beers and the hearth-baked pizzas were delicious.

No.5 form BarbaricWorks(left), Tower Bridge IPA from Yokohama Bay Brewing(right)
Pizzabonara Small Size
Just Fried Potatoes