Kyoto in June | Hydrangeas in Yoshimine-dera Temple

June 2021:

We hiked in Oharano which is located in Nishikyo-ku of Kyoto City, went to Yoshimine-dera Temple and looked at hydrangeas. At first, we planned to go to Yoshimine-dera Temple by bus from the nearest Higashi-muko Sta. on the Hankyu Electric Railway, and hike to Yokoku-ji Temple. However, we knew that the buses which go to Yoshimine-dera Temple run one per hour, so we changed our route.

We got on the bus which was bound for Minami Kasuga-cho busstop at Higashi-muko Sta. on the Hankyu Electric Railway, and got off at Minami Kasuga-cho busstop. On the first part of our hike, there was mostly farmland. It was hard to find our way because there were few signposts, but we hiked toward Konzo-ji Temple.

Farm area of Oharano

The road in the mountain area was paved to enable cars to pass, so cyclists were coming and going on the mountain. On our way, there were some points which were divided into hiking trails.

Hiking trail

Sanmon ( main gate) of Konzo-ji Temple. The entrance fee was a gratitude donation. We thought that the temple in the mountain was hard to maintain, so we made a donation. It seems to be a popular spot for photographers in the fall because there are few visitors.

Sanmon of Konzo-ji Temple
Main hall of Konzo-ji Temple

We arrived at Yoshimine-dera Temple. Most of the visitors seemed to come here by car because the buses were inconvenient. The parking lots were almost full.

The view of Kyoto City and hydrangeas

We looked down at the Shiroyama Sakura Hydrangea Garden from the lookout point. I felt that it was like a painting.

When we strolled and looked at hydrangeas, we never got tired of that colorful view.


10:12 Leave from Higashi-muko busstop on the Hankyu Electric Railway
10:35 Arrive at Minami Kasuga-cho busstop.
11:30 Konzo-ji Temple(entrance fee 300 yen, gratitude donation )
12:50 Yoshimine-dera Temple(entrance fee 500 yen/adult)
14:24 Leave from oshimine-dera Temple busstop.